Monday, September 16, 2013

iMovie Challenge

In tech class, we've been doing a lot with iMovie.  A couple weeks ago we did an iMovie trailer project that the students totally rocked.  This past week we did an iMovie challenge project, where students had to use certain elements (pictures, song) that were given to them and turn them into a movie where they all tied together.

As a class we went over several basics of iMovie and how to use it, but mostly the students took those basics and just began to play and experiment and figure out how to use iMovie.  Students also figured out how to use MacTubes to grab clips of other videos from YouTube, mix songs using Garageband, and find pictures from open-sources on Google images and use them in their movie.

Once again, these students' creativity was shining brightly in their work!  The vastly different stories they all came up with using the same pictures and song just demonstrates how all of them think differently about the same content.  It truly was a cool project to watch them create into their own iMovie projects.  Here are a few for you to enjoy.

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