Friday, August 30, 2013

Tech: iMovie Trailers

This year I'm teaching a technology elective again...and I'm thrilled!  I love technology, and love how it fits into our mission at MRH Middle School, so the fact that I get to teach an entire class just focusing on that is amazing.

This past week in my technology class we spent time creating our own movie trailers about US using iMovie.  The requirements for this project were simple: use iMovie to create a movie trailer that represents you!  After we watched my movie trailer I made all about myself, the students set out to create their own.  A lot of the students busted out their laptop or cell phone's video camera at home or outside or even at volleyball practice to get some footage they could use for their trailer.  Overall, I'm thrilled with how all of these came out.  A couple students even made our class pet rat Marbles her own movie trailer!  You must check that out here.

Check out all of the students' trailers below!  Each one is amazingly unique and does an excellent job showcasing that student!  Enjoy!

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