Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Show-Me a Movie Contest

A couple years ago, I had my students create videos for the 2012 Show-Me a Movie Contest; however, we couldn't submit them because of my oversight in that they had to be less than 2 minutes long, and all of my students' videos were over 2 minutes.  Woops.

So this year, for the 2014 Show-Me a Movie Contest my video production class each created videos in the Show-Me Your Community category.  One of the groups explored how the St. Louis community is fixated on the "Where did you go to high school?" question, another group explored the Ursuline community and theme of "Serviam" (through claymation), and the last group looked at the new Strange Donuts that opened in the Kirkwood community and how much they give back.

Overall, I am super impressed with these videos and really love how different they all are but still showcase how the community is across these different areas.  Enjoy...I sure did!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Knight Lab Story Map Project

A couple weeks ago I posted about Knight Lab's Timeline Project my advanced computer apps students did. This was a great project that turned out fantastic.

Another "lab" that Northwestern University's Knight Lab has is called Story Map. Story Map lets you tell a story via a map or picture/graphic. This is an awesome tool that can really make story-telling come to life in any content area. Obviously it is a map, so anything that is "mapable" is able to be created on this. However, you can also use your own pictures or graphics as well to tell your story! For example, a science teacher could take a picture of their entire experiment and then go through their "story" by visiting each of the specific experiment elements or pieces.

My students just completed a project using Story Map to tell a story of something "mapable" that they chose, as long as it hit all of the project requirements. Some of them created map timelines of events, others retold a character's journey in a movie or book, while others just mapped out the tour route of their favorite band.

Overall I was super happy with the products they were able to produce, and the high-quality they all turned out to be. Story Map really took their information to a new level in how it was displayed and produced using this lab.

Check out some of the examples below that my students created. Enjoy!

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