Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tech Video Project

In my Technology as Culture class we have spent the better part of this 2nd quarter working on video projects.  We originally were doing these videos as part of the Show-Me a Movie contest; however, a minor oversight on my part and the very detailed efforts of my students put all our videos over the 2 minute time limit.  So they ended up just being videos that showcased someone special, a community, or something new.  Students spent a good amount of time storyboarding, formulating ideas, a script, and a plot, taking pictures and videos, editing, screencasting, and producing to make their movie.  They were graded for not only their effort and time spent, but also on these categories on the rubric below.

The students did an awesome job of combining tons of technical elements--from picture in picture, to voiceovers, to embedding screencasts and music, and much more!--in their videos it really made them come to life.  Check out the 7 videos the students created on the playlist below--I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I was!  Or you can see them all on the playlist here!

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