Saturday, November 23, 2013

3 Branches of Government Project

In social studies we are currently waist-deep in our Early American Government Unit.  We have just learned about the separation of powers, checks and balances, and 3 branches of government system we have here in the US and where it came from (Articles I, II, & III of the US Constitution!).

Students were challenged to create their own project that detailed our government system in a medium that they felt would best showcase their learning and understanding of this concept.  They could choose from an iMovie, cartoon, song/rap, news article, or an infographic (check out the full project details here).  Once students decided on what project they were going to do, they set out to create their project that showcased all about the 3 branches of government.

First off, the variety and creativity of the projects that were turned in was astounding; not one project was like another (I love this!!), yet they all included the same information, material, and concepts!  I really love project-based learning, and I feel like this project definitely hit on that concept.  Students were able to choose a project medium that they could present their information and knowledge in the best possible way.

Anywho, check out a few of the various projects from below!  I hope you'll enjoy them--and find them as informative!--I sure did!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Infographic Project

In tech, we have started looking at infographics and what they're used for.  We found out that infographics are a fun and quick way to learn about a topic without a ton of heavy reading.  

Students were then given this project. They had to create their own infographic on one of the four topics they were able to pick from.

Students then used the free site to create their own interactive infographics. Check out some of the infographics below that students created! Once again, I'm so impressed with the things these students can create when given a piece of technology to use!

Constitutional Convention Video Challenge

In social studies we have been completely immersed into our Early American Government unit.  Lately we have been looking at the creation of our Constitution (and other important docs that have shaped the US) and the Convention where it all began.

I remembered a couple years ago we did a Lewis and Clark Expedition Video Challenge in our Manifest Destiny unit, and I thought that a similar challenge would be a great learning activity for the students to do now!

Therefore, I created the Constitutional Convention Video Challenge.  Taking all of their knowledge, notes, and readings on the Constitutional Convention, students were tasked with creating a video (using iMovie) that included all of the following information below about the Constitutional Convention.

Students had to have their movie uploaded to our class YouTube channel by 5pm on the day they started working on their project (I gave them a little extra time after their class ended because it does take a little bit to export the video and upload it to YouTube).  Check out some of the students' videos below.  Keep in my they only had about 45 minutes in class to create these...but I am once again impressed with what these students can come up with!


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