Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lewis & Clark Expedition Challenge

In social studies we've spent some time lately learning about Westward Expansion and groups who "paved the way" for the US's expansion into the west.  One of those groups was the Corps of Discovery, or most commonly known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

To conclude our journey with Lewis and Clark, students were issued a one-class period challenge: create a short movie detailing the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Students were able to pull information from the National Geographic Lewis and Clark Expedition website, from the readings and storyboard activity we did in class, as well as information they gathered from the Lewis and Clark video clip they watched earlier in the week.

The students were given 6 simple rules that their video MUST follow.  These rules were:
  1. Must use iMovie
  2. Must use the images from the folder Ms. Pepin sent you (you don’t have to use ALL of the images)
  3. CANNOT use any other images/videos other than what’s given to you!!!
  4. Must give a detailed description of the Lewis and Clark expedition (you decide how you are going to creatively get this description across in your movie)
  5. Must have music
  6. Must finish BEFORE the end of class--export and submitted to the dropbox!
Once again, I was amazed with what my students were able to produce in just 45 minutes or less!  Although they only had less than an hour to do this, I was so impressed with what they came up with, and it really showcased a culmination of what they've learned about Westward Expansion and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Below you can view some of the submitted videos students came up with.  Again, these were created in less than an hour...they're not "polished," or what they'd be if the students had more time to work on them, but I think it is a great example of the excellent work students are capable of producing in a limited amount of time.  Super impressive! :)

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