Monday, September 16, 2013

George vs. George Skits

A couple of years ago we tackled learning about George Washington and King George III by acting out their lives, backgrounds, and roles in the American Revolution.  The students two years ago loved the George vs. George skits SO much I decided to do them again this year with this current batch of 8th graders.

Students were divided into groups and given a section of this book, "George vs. George" to read about their topic (either George Washington, King George III, British army, rebel army, etc...).  They then had to come up with a skit that taught the material in their reading to their classmates in an easy-to-understand way.  Some groups decided to make their skit into a "flashback to history" skit, others decided to interview King George III for a tv show to question him about his life.

All in all, students did a fantastic job on their skits!  Here is a teaser trailer for the skits the students did.  Enjoy!

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