Thursday, September 6, 2012


Alrighty, so I just HAVE to blog about this amazingly awesome FREE app/site I've been using.  Seriously, I cannot sing their praises enough...and the fact that it's not only dedicated to educators but that's it's FREE too?!!  OMG.  It is BY FAR my new favorite education tool.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out Remind101.  It's this site where you can send text messages safely to students and parents about anything you need to update them on: homework, upcoming tests, projects, expeditions (field trips), due dates, school changes--and so much more.  It's sooooooo easy to set up too.  You simply set up a class, and it generates a unique number for parents/students to text your username (mine is @MrsMooney) to and BOOM!  They're signed up for text alerts.  So incredibly easy.

My favorite feature HAS to be the "schedule later" one.  This is so incredibly amazing...and here's why: I always think of a reminder I want to send my students/parents for that night at about 8:30am.  I KNOW come 7:30pm when I want them to get that reminder I am definitely not going to remember to send it.  It's so great that at 8:30am when I think of this reminder I can schedule a text to be sent to them later that night--so amazingly cool.

Another way we use Remind101 at MRHMS is for all of our important staff announcements, updates, drills, and anything else our admin team wants to be sent out to all of us quickly.  Yes, email works too, but we all are not always on our email 24/7; however, we always have our cell phones attached to our hips, so we use Remind101 to receive text updates instantly about any important MRHMS matters.

Did I mention there is also an iPhone app for it?!!  This is so great--especially when those rare occasions come up in which I do remember past 5pm to send a reminder to my students/parents, I can do it from the FREE Remind101 iPhone app--which is also super easy to use too.  Golly, I just am in LOVE with this service!

If you are a teacher, CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW.  Seriously.  You'll be so glad you did.  In the technology-driven world we're living in, why not embrace a tech tool that the students already use more than anything else (texting) and use it to your advantage in your classroom.  I am so glad I found this amazing program!  Make sure you check Remind101 out on TWITTER too--they've always got good stuff to say! 

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