Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MR. LIP Projects

In social studies we just finished our first big project of the year, MR. LIP...which is actually an acronym for the 5 themes of geography (movement, region, location, interaction, and place).  After learning all about what the 5 Themes of Geography are, students selected a city and a country out of a hat in which they were to identify how the 5 themes of geography are evident in that place.

Students set off to uncover information about these geography themes in their city and country.  Most students headed over to The CIA World Factbook to get started.  If you've never used the facbook before, you're missing out!  It's got some great resources about all of the countries in the world--everything from population to literacy rates to major cities.  Students also explored other sites like National Geographic to research about their city and the 5 themes.  Once they found their information, they created a Keynote presentation (PowerPoint) detailing the 5 themes in their city and country.

Wow, these 7th graders BLEW ME AWAY with their Keynote and research skills!  They all did an excellent job of bridging the 5 themes and their research together in a very creative and eye-catchy way.

Below are links to some of the students' MR. LIP projects.  Enjoy looking through them...& maybe learn something new about a city in our world!

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