Friday, February 3, 2012

Rev. Billy Kyles

On Thursday, February 2nd, we were so fortunate to play host to Rev. Billy Kyles and hear him speak.  He had some inspirational words for the students, especially around the theme of never letting your dreams die.

What I liked most about his speech is that it spoke to everyone--regardless of your race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or background--he encouraged us all to always strive for our dreams and never let them die out.

The Patch did a great article about the event.  However, what I liked the most was how it showcased the appropriate use of social networking via twitter by both the staff and students.  Most of the time we hear about the negatives of social networking and schools; however, it's really nice to see that there are positives with social networking and it does have a place in schools.  Here's to Rev. Kyles' message of keeping our dreams alive, and using social media to get that message out there!

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