Friday, February 3, 2012

February Dog Club

For our first Dog Club day of 2012, we decided to challenge the students with the task of teaching a dog a new trick. We spent time watching some "how to" clips that gave some tips and tricks for dog training, then we shared out some ideas about what "works" with dogs (in regards to training) and what doesn't. Then, after some planning and distributing of training treats, the students were unleashed in small groups to try and "train" their dog and teach them a new trick.

Wow, we were so impressed with how poised the students were and how patient and calm they were with the dogs!! Although not all of the dogs picked up a new trick, it was great to see all of the students involved in Dog Club jumping in and giving it a try. That's a great lesson there: never give up, keep trying, and keep going. I'm so glad these students exhibited this during February's Dog Club and I hope to see this same audacity and effort spill over into their classes!

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