Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Facebook Profiles

Who doesn't love social networking, or, especially Facebook?!  Social networking is something that should be embraced in schools and used as a tool to enhance learning.  There really are so many benefits and positives to using social networking to your advantage in your classroom it's really silly not to embrace it and use it for student learning.

Recently we've been studying about our 7th president Andrew Jackson.  For the students to really get a clear picture of who Andrew Jackson really was and his make-up, they were given the task to create a Facebook profile for Andrew Jackson.

Now, there are some great online "Facebook" resources out there for students: Classtools has a Fakebook profile generator, and myfakewall.com gives you the ability to create fake Facebook status updates.  These both are great tools that I've used before, but I wanted something that the students could easily create on their own computers without an Internet connection as well as the ability to share it out with myself and their peers.

In Pages I created a Facebook profile template for the students to use.  It included everything from a current status to basic information to who their friends are.  I then had my students use this template to create a Facebook profile for Andrew Jackson.  Wow, once again I was amazed by the creativity these students possess!  It was great to see them including all of the essential facts, but also being creative with what books he'd have liked and his current status.  Check out the examples below to see what the students came up with...and feel free to contact me if you'd like the template to use in your own classroom.

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  1. I am at edcampstl where we met in your room. Being a former social studies teacher now current pre-service teacher instructor, I am blown away with what I can tell you are doing with your students in the classroom. Your students are really lucky!


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