Monday, March 17, 2014

African American Life in the 1800s Video Challenge

It is no surprise that I love a good video challenge.  We actually have done a video challenge this year already (Lewis & Clark), so the students knew the routine with this challenge: they would take the information that we had been talking about, reading, and studying all week and synthesize it into a movie (using iMovie) in one class period.  I sure do love a good challenge--especially a video one.

After learning about how African Americans lived in the 1800s in the US (both as free and slaves), students had to create a video in just one class period (they actually got until 8pm that night to get it uploaded to the class YouTube channel) that included all of the following information:

African American Life in the 1800s
Video Challenge Directions

Your Video MUST Include:

  • use information/pictures from Lesson 19 and the Zinn Reading
  • at least 6 pictures
  • sound (either spoken text or background music)
  • at least 3 important details about African American life in the 1800s
  • details about how free blacks in the south lived
  • details about how free blacks in the north lived
  • details about how slaves lived
  • creative, engaging, and informative
  • uploaded to the class YouTube channel by 8pm TODAY! (in iMovie, go to “share” then select “YouTube”--make sure you title your movie with YOUR NAME--then type in the YouTube account info below!)
    • username: XXXXXXXXX
    • password: XXXXXX

Once again, I am blown away at what these students can create when given a challenge and a limited time to do it! Check out a few of their videos below or click HERE to go to the entire playlist from 2012 and 2014. Bravo 8th graders!!

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