Friday, February 21, 2014

Mobile Journalism

One of our recent projects in tech has been to partner with Mr. Grossman from the high school tech department and do a mobile journalism unit.

First, before we did anything, we went over what it mobile journalism is, interview techniques, filming techniques, and much more.  Obviously this was our first go-around with mobile journalism so we weren't going to be perfect, but we sure wanted to try and be as close to perfect as we could.  We spent a lot of time on the MRH High School YouTube channel watching mobile journalism pieces the high school students have done and the techniques and methods they used to do these.

My tech students then partnered up and began brainstorming about possible stories they would want to report on.  They thought about upcoming expeditions, class projects, sports, and other MRHMS events.

Each group decided upon one topic to report on: Club Day, MRHMS Boys' Basketball, Whole Foods Health Expedition, and MRH Pianos.

Students then set out with their partner to storyboard their story.  They used the template below to map out what they were going to do, questions they were going to ask, shots they were going to get, and everyone's role.

Students had about a week and a half in tech class to get their piece set up, storyboarded, filmed, stock footage captured, and edited together using iMovie (either on their Mac or iPad).  Overall, I was really happy with the outcome of these movies!  Check out a few of the final products below.  For our first go with mobile journalism, I think these turned out awesome.  I'm anxious to see how future mojo projects turn out as well!

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