Monday, March 5, 2012

Dauphin Island Expedition

Whew!  What an amazing, incredible, and awesome week at Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama.  These 8th graders are an extraordinary bunch of students, and I'm so proud to not only be able to teach them every day, but also to have shared this incredible experience with them.

For many of the students this was definitely a life-impacting trip: many experienced the ocean for the first time, others got to know classmates better than they ever had before, and some grew in areas that had nothing to do with the beach or ocean--they've come back with new attitudes, goals, and outlooks on life.  I cannot begin to express enough how much I enjoyed being a part of this expedition and how much each of the students have grown as individuals and as a group over the past two years.  Geez, I'm tearing up as I type this!

This week in social studies we are taking a "break" from the Civil War and reflecting on our experiences at Dauphin Island.  Each student will be writing a narrative reflection, making a BOTG (behavior over time graph) for something that "changed" with them during the trip, and creating a video using their graph, narrative, and immense amount of pictures that were taken throughout the week.

Until these videos--nay, MASTERPIECE reflections!--are completed, I'll leave you with this teaser expedition video and some pictures.  As soon as the students finish their reflection narrative and videos later this week I'll be sure to post them here for you to see.  Enjoy!

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