Tuesday, November 1, 2011

South Tech Expedition

This past week we got a chance to take our 8th graders to tour South Tech High School in Sunset Hills.  First off, let me just say WOW, the opportunities that are available out there for students today is incredible!  Students can be a certified Firefighter and EMT by the time they're 18 and graduate from high school!  That's incredible!  The opportunities South Tech has to offer high school juniors and seniors is amazing, especially if a technical field is something that you're interested in.

South Tech has so many different opportunities available for its students, and we got to tour several of these on this expedition.  We got to be car mechanics, vet techs, graphic designers, carpenters, and firefighters--and these were just some of the many opportunities they have for students at South Tech.

What MRHMS students got to see is that South Tech is a very hands-on high school; everything is done in a practical setting--it's not something that's just "talked" or "read" about but is taken to the next level and actually "done" or "performed."  Students don't just read about how to put out a fire, they actually do it.  They don't just give stuffed animals medical attention, they give live animals the medical attention they really need.

It was a great day of learning and exploring the various opportunities that are out there for students at MRH.  I think all of the students learned a lot and got to see another option for them when it's time to enter their final years of high school.

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