Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Dog Club

For club day in November, the Dog Club decided to focus on dog fighting.  We explored everything about dog fighting, who does it, what their motivation is, and what happens to the dogs who are the fighters.  Almost everything we looked at was very disheartening, and we came to the conclusion that we must STEP UP and help spread the word about stopping dog fighting from happening in our community and around the country.

After watching a few video clips and public service announcements, the members of Dog Club jumped right in to create posters to hang around MRH and to give to our friends at the APA to display at their location.  The more information we can get out there about reporting dog fighting and putting an end to this "sport" the better.  Dog Club members are really stepping up their support against dog fighting and we hope to continue to do more in the community to alert people about the dangers of dog fighting.

Check out our Dog Club video from this day and see how students are taking the first step against dog fighting.

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