Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hero Project Revisited

Last year with my middle schoolers I had them complete a hero project in tech class.  Well, this year at my new school, I decided to use my old hero project from MRH as the perfect project and tool for teaching how to use Google Presentation/Slides.

The directions students had for this project were spelled out fairly clearly for them: they were creating a hero (using the HeroMachine 2.5) that they then were creating a presentation of detailing their life, enemies, superpowers, family, sidekicks, background, and much, much more.  This project was to practice and demonstrate the students' skills and understanding of using Google Presentation, but it also allowed them some creativity in creating their hero and what he/she's characteristics are.

Click on the links below to go to a few examples of the complete Hero Projects the students created.  If you click here you can see the directions for this project as well.  Enjoy these heroes--they are fantastic!

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