Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plant Family Posters

A while back in tech the students made some awesome plant family posters (and I forgot to blog about them!).  We partnered with our awesome gardener Mrs. Breed-Parks for this project.  She wanted some informational posters about the different plant families (and the types of plants that are in them) that we have in our gardens here at MRH.

Students were paired up in teams of 2 and they were each given a plant family.  Everything from Amaranthaceae to Solanaceae! (Yeah, I have a hard time pronouncing those too!)  Students then headed out to the garden to take pictures of the plants in their family--because the best resources are the ones you gather yourself!

Once students got all of their pictures taken, they then used the template Mrs. Breed-Parks created for them to fill with their information and pictures of the plants in their family.

Check out the posters they created below!  Super awesome work!

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