Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Screencast Project

So earlier this year I blogged about Screencast-O-Matic.  Don't get me wrong, I still love this site and the fact that it's free...however, this site has begun to not like our students' computers here at MRH.  Arghhh.  For some reason, with a recent update on their Macbooks, this awesome website isn't wanting to cooperate and work.

Since screencasting is such an important and useful tool for both my tech and social studies classes, I was determined to find another screencasting tool to use.  Low and behold, QuickTime--which is already on all of the students' computers--and doesn't require an internet connection to work (double score!) was my solution.  QuickTime has a built in screencast tool which I immediately got really excited about.  The one downside to it (which Screencast-O-Matic had) is that it doesn't have a pause feature--just a start and stop.  So if you mess up, you either have to splice together different screencasts in iMovie, or you have to completely start all over.  I made a really quick screencast of a screencast to use for my students to teach them how to use it.

Our latest project in tech was to create a screencast that would be useful to someone else.  Using this doc as a guide for directions, my tech students set out to create screencasts from how to download music, to create a twitter account, to customize shoes on Nike.com.  Check out some of the ones they created below.  Enjoy!

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