Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stock Market Game

Two years ago, my first go-around teaching economics, I decided to have the kids learn first-hand what the stock market is and how it works.  So we got signed up to play MarketWatch's Virtual Stock Market Game.  This year for our economics unit, I decided to go ahead and launch my 7th graders into this game again.  OHHH EMMM GEEEE.  I could not have anticipated the HUGE amount of engagement and positive response this game would have on my students!  I mean, two years ago, the kids liked it and got into it, but nothing like these current 7th graders are.  Throughout the different team classes we are literally having to pull kids away from checking their stocks (I love it!) because they're so entranced with the game.  Anyways, I am just so happy and proud of how engaged these students are with not only the game but with how the stock market works.

If you are an economics or social studies teacher, definitely check out the Stock Market Game through MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal.  It's free, you can customize your game however you'd like, and students can join by simply creating an account with an email address.  This is hands-down my favorite part of our economics unit, and it really gets students not only involved with the stock market it gets them first-hand experience on how stocks, shares, holdings, etc... all work.

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