Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teamwork & Collaborating Project

After we got back from our service project in Forest Park, we gave the students a challenge: create a new MRH building that included all of the following:
Each of the students were partnered with one other person.  Before they started building, they were given time to brainstorm individually and then with their partner using this sheet:
Once the plans were erected, the construction began.  Students worked frivolously to try and have their structure meet all of the requirements stated on the artists' sheet.

They had to work together with their partner in the short time frame given to try and create a structure that included ALL of the elements required.  I was AMAZED by the hard work these students and teams exhibited; they were so determined and committed to their design that they seemed to pull out all stops to get theirs built and make sure it's the best.

All in all these students worked incredibly well on this project; it really demonstrated how they can work with another person to achieve a common goal.  We worked all morning in collaboration with our friends at Forest Park Forever and then came back to school and got to demonstrate that same great teamwork and collaboration with each other.  These students continue to impress me every single day.

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