Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rockin' Exploration Websites

My students are just wrapping up their exploration unit this week.  We've literally been in this unit since we got back from winter break in January, so it's nice to be able to move into our next and final unit of the year, which is colonization.

Here are some pics of my 7th graders working hard on their sites:

However, I want to share some AMAZING websites my 7th graders just finished creating for exploration.  They were each given a website template (using Google sites and their school Gmail accounts) and a topic that we'd covered in exploration.  They then were turned loose to create a site about their topic, making sure to include all of the site requirements outlined on the template site.  I was just amazed as to what these students came up with!  Some took to other sites, such as or to create animations about their exploration topic instead of just typing the information.  Anyways, their sites turned out great...and I wanted to share with you the site I created to house all of the students' exploration sites.  So check out the link below and enjoy!

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